Full Service Haircut

  • The Full service haircut starts with a one-on-one consultation, with consideration to hair type, facial features and lifestyle to create the perfect cut and style that you can easily duplicate at home. Along with a precise, detailed cut, services include a soothing steamed hot towel and shampoo scalp massage. Felix Omar adds modern comfort to classic barbershop methods with the Full-Service Haircut.


Straight Razor Shave

  • A truly royal treatment, the Straight Razor Shave includes hot lather shaving cream applied with a 100% badger hair brush and a meticulous shave with a straight razor. To ensure impeccable quality and relaxation, hot steam towels are applied during the process and we use only all natural products. This is by far the smoothest, closest shave you will ever experience.


Straight Razor Head Shave

  • Using a hot lather cream, steaming towels, and a straight razor, Felix Omar’s Straight Razor Head Shave employs a meticulous shaving method to assure a smooth scalp for that classic, distinguished look.


Clipper-Only Haircut

  • The Clipper-Only Haircut features tight lines and a clean look. Included with the haircut are a hot towel to relax and open the pores, and a hot lather neck and sideburn shave.


Beard & Mustache Trim

  • With years of study, Felix Omar implements a masterful scissors-over-comb technique for perfecting your facial hair. This method guarantees the exact length and shape you are looking for in your beard or mustache.


Scalp Massage

  • The perfect addition to any service is our relaxing Scalp Massage. This revitalizing massage stimulates blood flow to the scalp which feeds the hair follicles. This helps to prevent avoidable hair loss and reestablish the natural development of healthy hair. Best of all, the Master Barber Scalp Massage is calming, relaxing and revitalizing.


The Clean Up

  • In between haircuts, The Clean Up is ideal before a business meeting, evening out or just maintaining your style. This service includes straightening out the neckline and a trim around the ears. It does not include any type of trimming to the hair besides the hair line.

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